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Free English Lessons in the UK for Non-native Speakers

Long-established group of English-language schools, British Study Centres (BSC) is now offering free English lessons for local, non-native speakers. The classes aim to increase the quality of their students’ lives, so they can be independent and live without language limitations. The free course was established as part of BSC’s Teacher training, so their CELTA students can get the chance to put their theoretical knowledge into practice while they are being supervised by experienced teacher trainers.

English lessons are available in five different cities in the UK: London, Oxford, Manchester, York, and Edinburgh. Course levels range from elementary to upper-intermediate, may vary depending on location. While the lessons are free of charge, there is a small, one-off registration fee.

Former English student, Valentina Bianchetto said, “At the end of July, I started working for the English Rugby Football Union. My English course, as well as my time working at BSC, have helped me improve my level of English and gain the skills I needed to get my new job.” Her journey at BSC Oxford started back in 2015 and four years later she claims she was able to land a job thanks in part to her time at BSC.

According to former CELTA student and current teacher at BSC Oxford, Jonny Bruce, “Over the course, we split our overall 6 hours teaching between teaching a lower level (A2-B1) to a higher level (B1-C2) class. We start only teaching 20 minutes each, until our last 2 hours which are full hours.”

The now-qualified teacher reassured me that trainee teachers educate from textbooks so all the lessons are consistent, especially in the early stages where 2 hours of lessons are split between three people.

“Students may have been slightly aware of the fact that we were being observed and judged for our teaching, but that’s mostly because we were clearly much more wound up and stressed than their regular teachers. By having experienced teachers observe you and comment on what you are doing well and what you need to improve on is hugely beneficial in helping you teach. When it came to me teaching on my own I had broken past the nerves and fear that come with your first few lessons,” claimed Bruce.

English lessons start and finish at the same time every day, in 2-hour blocks and are available year-round while the CELTA courses are running. Students can join the course any time and it’s up to them how long they want to take on the free lessons, be it two weeks or eight months. ESL courses are also accessible at BSC for a set fee, if someone prefers to study from a qualified teacher.

If you are interested in joining BSC, either as an English student or a future CELTA student, you can find out more on their website.

Kitti Palmai is a UK-based freelance writer and translator whose byline has appeared in The Expat Magazine, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, and many more. [email protected]

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