K12 Inc. Offers Free Online Curriculum

K12 Inc. is responding to the nationwide wave of school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering free online curriculum, platforms, training, and technical assistance for students, families and school districts.

Resources for Schools and School Districts

For any school or network of schools – district, independent, religious, or charter – attempting to scale online offerings quickly, K12 is offering the following solutions. All courses are available in Spanish and 64 other languages.

  • Free training for teachers from brick-and-mortar schools as they transition to the online education environment
  • Complimentary access for at least 30 days to its K-12 digital course catalog, professional development, and educational services
  • Complimentary access for at least 30 days to K12’s content and hosting platform, which includes K-8 and core middle school and high school courses, to help any school in standing up content, systems and teaching staff
  • Free webinars for administrators, mentors, and teachers to answer questions and share best practices regarding K12’s curriculum and tools, and provide the basics of getting started with delivering online education


  1. Please tell me how I can sign up for K12 Inc. My school system has students in detention who have to access educational resources independent of classroom instruction.
    Gabe Riccio

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