FEDELE Launches Virtual Escape Room, Raffles off Trips to Spain

The Federation of Spanish Language Schools (FEDELE) has launched a Virtual Escape Room and will raffle off eight 14-day all-inclusive trips to Spain to players who successfully “break out.”

In the escape room, players are tasked with helping Álvaro Berdión unravel a centuries-old mystery. They learn about works of art, great literary works, the Spanish language, and numerous Spanish locations.

With this activity, FEDELE hopes to raise awareness of Spanish as a foreign language, encourage people to learn about Spanish culture, and promote safe tourism at a time of sectoral reactivation. Additionally, winners will enjoy a treasure hunt in different localities which will allow them to experience total linguistic immersion with activities that range from traversing part of the Camino de Santiago, to riding in a hot air balloon in Cádiz, to visiting the Prado Museum in Madrid.

The activity has international support from institutions such as TURESPAÑA, the Instituto Cervantes, Embassies, and Education Councils. Furthermore, a large number of local institutions will ensure the winners’ experiences in Spain.

For more information, please visit elmisterioespanol.com.