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Universidad de Salamanca hosts Dia de las Lenguas Africanas

On October 20, the Faculty of Philology at the University of Salamanca in Spain is hosting Dia de las Lenguas Africanas, or the Day of African Languages. This year, the university celebrates the languages of Senegal.

The event will open with plenary presentations by Professor Enrique Bernárdez of Complutense University of Madrid and Professor Aziz Dieng of the University of Portsmouth. The afternoon session will allow attendees to participate in competitions, language workshops, and a festive event with members of the Senegalese community in Salamanca. The event will close with a screening of the Senegalese film Xalé.

Dia de las Lenguas Africanas, first celebrated in 2022, is an initiative of Erasmus+ and Baqonde. Its purpose is to highlight the linguistic and cultural wealth of the African contintent.

Last year, the university celebrated the indigenous languages of South Africa. The South African Ambassador to Spain was in attendance.

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