April 2021 Inside the Issue

After Whiteness
J. P. B. Gerald, Vijay A. Ramjattan, and Scott Stillar present the first part of a vision of a possible future for English language teaching

Using Evidence to Overcome Adversity
Susan Lambert argues that to narrow reading gaps, we should support educators in the science of teaching reading

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instruction Are NOT the Way We Learn to Read
Stephen Krashen presents an essay in honor of Kenneth Goodman

Supporting Secondary Struggling Readers
Laura Axtell clears up misconceptions about how educators can help middle and high school struggling readers during a pandemic

The Science of Reading in Dual Language
Alexandra Guilamo reveals the secrets of biliterate decoding

Reading Programs
A selection of tools to help readers succeed

See It, Say It
Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, and Sarah Ortega use visuals to promote language development pandemic