April 2022 Inside the Issue

The Three Elements of Reading ComprehensionGene Kerns reimagines an approach to literacy education that extends well beyond third grade

Reading Foundations
Silvia Gonzalez-Powers explains how structure can improve literacy rates for English learners

Collaborative Planning: Never Having to Go It Alone

Andrea Honigsfeld and Maria G. Dove highlight the silver lining of remote learning: increased teacher collaboration

A Superpower Hidden in Plain Sight
Adeola Whitney adapts foundational literacy skills to better suit emergent bilingual learners

Pass the Mic Series: The Endangered Language Alliance
Laura Silver reports on initiatives to protect and develop New York City’s linguistic diversity

Making Good on a Promise to Multilingual Learners
Ivannia Soto shares efforts to counter California’s bilingual educator shortage

Supporting Early Literacy in Spanish and English
Claudia Salinas offers clear strategies to help learners read in two languages

Self-Selecting Success
Erin Bailey suggests a simple formula for increasing reading

Reading Resources
A selection of materials to inspire your students

Reading Mastery

Advanced degree programs that focus on literacy and reading