April 2023 Inside the Issue

Conversation Starters

Dan Pieraccini extolls the perks of telecollaboration and language instruction

English Literacy for Multilingual Learners: Voices from the Field

Socorro Herrera and Ester de Jong talk of inclusivity

Centering on Students: Empowering Learning Experiences Wanted

Ayanna Cooper finds out what newcomer students really need

Drawing from Strengths

Debbie Zacarian urges administrators to make the move from deficit-based to strengths-based language assistance policies

Writing Tests for the Right Reasons

Eileen M. Depka explains how to simply design writing assessments that promote student success

How U­­X Design Rekindled My Passion for Teaching

Evelyn Galindo has learned that focusing on the user (or learner) experience is the key

Reading Materials

A selection to enthuse your students

Boring Old Exams?

Olivia A. Halsall explains why we need to harness emerging (and already advanced) technologies to make exams more bearable