April 2024 Internet Edition

Nooshan Ashtari offers examples of language and literacy acquisition in literature that demonstrate how interest and desire motivate learning

The Promise and Challenges of AI in Adult LanguageEducation
George Chilton and Sara Davila provide guidelines and discussion plans for using AI with their students

Breaking Down the Monolingual Wall III
Margarita Espino Calderón progresses from one language to biliteracy and content in two languages

Grammar Study versus Immersion versus Reading
Stephen Krashen compares the efficacy of language acquisition paths

Building Bonds
Diane Staehr Fenner suggests strategies for establishing relationships to promote multilingual learners’ belonging,  language acquisition, and engagement with content

Reading beyond the Page      
Erin Bailey shows how reading can inspire students to take learning outdoors and work toward a more sustainable future

Make a Plan for Oracy                
Amy Mosquera explains the critical role that oracy plays in developing foundational skills for multilingual learners

Mastering Reading                
Maximize your capacity to facilitate learning and teach reading by upgrading your skill set with a specialist training program