August 2022 Inside the Issue

Preparing for Back to School
Learning Targets
Reading English
 with Accents
Experiencing STEM
Translanguaging Internationally

Can Teaching English Like Spanish Close the Achievement Gap?

Zachary Silverzweig believes a radical but simple reworking of written English could help solve the literacy crisis

The Power of Sports Fiction (and the Importance of Being Impeccable)

Stephen Krashen strikes a chord with a tale to cover all the bases

Content, Language, and Culture Learning Targets

José Medina provides the foundation of critical consciousness work in the classroom

Evolution of the Latin Script across Ancient Civilizations

Julian McBride traces the African roots of our Roman writing system

PTM STEM Is Not a Course, It’s an Experience

Darlyne de Haan argues that we must be explicitly intentional to open up the opportunity of STEM to English learners

Breaking Down Barriers

Jacob Huckle suggests strategies to overcome hurdles to translanguaging in schools worldwide

Graduating Options

Tom Beeman weighs up the benefits of Advanced Placement and dual enrollment programs