Baby Talk Translates Best

In the largest study to date looking at how infants from across the world respond to the different ways adults speak, psychologists found that babies respond best...

Language Pathway 20 Million Years Older than Previously Thought

Neuroscientists have discovered that the human language pathway in the brain is at least 25 million years old, pushing back its evolutionary origin by at least 20...

Speak ‘Parentese’—not Baby Talk—to Boost Language Skills

While having full-on conversations with babies can seem bizarre, it actually boost language skills, according to a new study. Unlike traditional ‘baby talk’, which...

More Evidence that Bilingualism Delays Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

These results contribute to the growing body of evidence showing that bilinguals are more resilient in dealing with neurodegeneration than monolinguals.

Americans Worry Most about their Accents

Study shows Americans are the nationality most concerned about perceptions of their accent and that accents are associated with traits from professionalism to passion!
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