Costa Rica

Costa Rica packs a multitude of experiences for the Spanish immersion student into a small, friendly, happy country. Visit Costa Rica’s official tourism site and read its official slogan, “No Artificial Ingredients”—a mantra of which you will not need reminding from the first moment you set foot in one of the country’s myriad waterfalls or stumble upon one of its 100-plus species of brightly colored frogs. The country is of a manageable size and the bus network is extensive, if somewhat slow due to rainy weather and less-than-perfect roads. Its two airports allow visitors to crisscross the country with speed but at greater expense (if you’ve got the time, a two-peso, six-hour bus ride is hard to turn down—as is the quality time you’ll get to spend with the locals).

Wild caribbean beach of Costa Rica – Manzanillo

The country, a veritable natural amusement park, offers active volcanoes, stunning beaches (both Caribbean and Pacific), and intoxicating rain forests full of exotic flora and fauna. In the country’s center is the famed Arenal Volcano, which is a hefty but picturesque hike from the small town over which it looms. The landmark also overlooks a waterfall and swimming hole as well as a luxury resort based around natural hot springs. Tortuguero National Park, on the Caribbean coast, is an epicenter for ecotourism and a hot spot for sea turtle watching and caring.

Featured School: Veritas Study Abroad

Universidad Veritas offers interdisciplinary Latin American studies courses with a sustainability-focused mindset. They provide an inclusive intercultural learning platform for international students in pursuit of becoming leaders with a vision of changing a challenging world. They offer an array of program lengths and courses focused on Sustainable Development Goals, social impact, all levels of Spanish Language, and three levels of Spanish for Health Professions for health track students. Contact: [email protected]

Featured School: CPI

CPI is the only Spanish immersion school in Costa Rica that allows students to see more of Costa Rica by combining classes at two or all three sites located in different regions: the city of Heredia, Monteverde Cloud Forest, and Flamingo Beach. CPI offers a high-quality language program at a competitive price and works with US universities to assign transfer academic credits.
Their courses are available year-round.


Widely recognized as one of the top language schools in Costa Rica (only UN- certified school), Intercultura has Spanish programs for all ages and nationalities. Study Spanish at our 2 warm and welcoming campuses, while discovering Costa Rica — our beautiful beachfront Sámara campus and our dynamic Heredia city school!

Intercultura’s internationally recognized Spanish programs are offered year-round, teaching Spanish in active courses designed for full immersion in real-life contexts and social interactions. Our primary goal is to teach you the Spanish language in a warm, fun yet intellectually challenging environment, with small groups (max 6) in order to maximize conversation practice. You will learn not just the language but the culture too, through our free Latin dance, cooking, yoga, and arts classes, and living with a homestay family or doing interchanges with our local students, where you will make friends for life and develop your cross-cultural skills and awareness!

Tico Lingo

From small group classes ranging from 2-6 people, to private Spanish classes tailored to your specific needs, Tico Lingo offers quality immersion programs lead by certified, native Spanish instructors. Paired with a local homestay family, students can be sure to quickly advance their speaking and comprehension skills. Each program has a flexible duration ranging from 1-24 weeks. Many students have seen drastic increases in Spanish language fluency after 3 to 4 weeks.