December 2022 Inside the Issue

Keying In K–12 Equity

Leslie Ortego hopes that the pandemic-era use of technology for parent–teacher communication will be built upon to help all students thrive

Ghana– Reflections from a Homegoing

Chanda Austin recounts her lifechanging journey to Africa

The Key to Reducing Teacher Burnout

Lisa O’Masta recommends investing in practical PD to help staunch the educator brain drain

Open Doors Report

New international student enrollments in US rebound to pre-pandemic levels

2023 Study Abroad Calendar

A guide to the major international education events in 2023

2023 Year Planner

Language Magazine presents the 2023 guide to conferences, workshops, grants, scholarships, and dates, brought to you by Scholastic

Be the Advocate for the Silent

Itzil Welch offers simple strategies to help English learners get beyond the silent stage when they are often misclassified

Conquering Decoding Skills

Kathleen Law offers decoding strategies particularly suitable for students with dyslexia, but useful for so many more