English is Number One Foreign Language Test in Georgia

The China Daily recently reported that English has become the number one foreign language test to take in the country of George. A whopping 73 percent of students in their final year of schooling were English language test takers. The results, issued by Georgia’s Ministry of Education, highlight the influence of the country’s English-based “Teach and Learn with Georgia” program that started in January 2011.

Many native English speakers have since arrived in Georgia to help teach English as a foreign language. Regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are all represented in classrooms that teach English. English-speaking foreigners have also ventured outside of the country’s capital of Tbilisi to help local English teachers.

The next popular foreign language exams were Russian (17 percent), German (7 percent), and French (3 percent). Two years ago, the number of people who wanted to take English on their language exams was equal to the number of people who wanted to take Russian.

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