Feb 2022 Inside the Issue

Practical PD

Dan Swartz and Lyla Nissan offer thoughtful Professional Development for Teachers working with Multilingual Learners

Reading Research Leading to Teaching Practice

Julie Christensen welcomes the arrival of the science of reading into more of our classrooms

The 3 Es of Using Translated Materials

Anna-Lisa Mackey shares the Canadian experience and pitfalls of translating social–emotional learning materials into French

Translanguaging vs. Codeswitching

David Burns argues that bilinguals may not possess a unitary grammar and debates on how bilingualism is represented in the mind

After Whiteness III

J. P. B. Gerald, Vijay A. Ramjattan, and Scott Stillar share ideas on how the ELT industry could evolve if Whiteness were successfully decentered


Chase Nordengren discusses the importance of finding the right goals for language learners

Stories of Kindness

John Stanford Owen seeks social learning in children’s literature

Bilingual and Dual-Language Teacher Preparation Programs

Language Magazine shares information on some of the best programs available

State Teaching Certification

As the shortage of teachers becomes more pronounced, the need for efficient interstate certification is growing