February 2023 Inside the Issue

Declaring Literacy as a Fundamental and Global Civil Right

Liz Brooke addresses the opportunity gap

Positioning Multilingual Learners for Success

Valentina Gonzalez recommends culturally inclusive literature for young learners

The Potential of ‘Light’ Literature

Nilda M. Aguirre provides an educator’s personal experience of using comic books for native language retention and development

Fostering Language and Literacy Development

Jana Echevarría summarizes the different types of instruction that English learners deserve

Clarifying the Science of Reading

Kari Kurto explains what the science of reading actually is and what it ain’t

Transcending Time, History, and Race through ‘Place’

Ayanna Cooper and John Brown celebrate Black History Month with a bonanza of resources to aid experiential learning

Strengthening Teacher Collaboration

Krina Shah recommends reflection before (and after) you connect