French Immersion


Alliance française Paris Ile-de-France
Founded in 1883, the Alliance française Paris Ile-de-France is a private higher education school. Its worldwide network serves 550,000 students in 136 countries. Located in the heart of the French capital, it welcomes more than 12,000 students of 160 different nationalities each year. Passionate about French language and culture, their teachers all hold higher education diplomas and are specialists in teaching French as a foreign language. The course offerings cover all levels of French learning, from complete beginner to autonomous speaker, and they conform to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The Alliance offers a wide range of services, from the Multimedia Resource Center to weekly, free cultural activities that facilitate immersion in the capital. Furthermore, it is a major French teacher-training center for both new teachers and veterans seeking professional development.


Alliance Française of Lyon
The Alliance Française of Lyon is situated in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Lyon. In an excellent location, Lyon is two hours from Paris, at the gateway to the Alps, Provence, and the French Riviera. It is also in the heart of Europe: only one hour from Geneva, Switzerland, and two hours from Italy. This international school, attended annually by more than 2,500 students from over 130 countries, offers reasonable tuition, 2500 meters of comfortable, fully equipped and air-conditioned space with disabled access, and French-language courses for all levels and needs. It is a recognized exam center and offers a wide range of additional services, such as accommodation, administrative assistance, and cultural information.

Institut Lyonnais
Gaul’s capital during the days of the Roman Empire, a great cultural and merchant city during the Renaissance, Lyon has become one of Europe’s great metropolises and counts among its sister cities Venice, Prague, and St. Petersburg.

For more than 20 years, the institute has offered French language and culture courses to foreign students for all levels, all year round, for short or long sessions. Students can register for one to 36 weeks and can choose between different options of intensive or semi-intensive courses.

They also offer programs for au pair students, such as day or evening courses, spread payments, and digressive rates.

Being an official examination center recognized by the CCIP (TEF, professional French and business French) and the Ministry of Education (TCF and DILF), the Institut Lyonnais is a common location for special courses, either scheduled or on demand.

Additional services include campus residency, homestay or studio flats, and help with administration papers, as well as free wi-fi Internet.

The Institut Savoisien D’Etudes Francaises Pour Etrangers (ISEFE) specializes in teaching French to international students. Located in the beautiful town of Chambéry, classes are taught with an emphasis on oral practice and building writing skills using a variety of exercises, games simulating real situations of communication, and realia. A full academic session includes three trimesters of ten weeks each, with 18 hours per week. During the trimester, the institute offers a wide range of French lessons in culture, economics, politics, and literature. In addition to the academic courses, ISEFE offers many cultural, athletic, and recreational activities and excursion trips, which are held almost every week. Summer-school students will benefit from touristic and festive activities that take place at this time of the year in Chambéry and the Savoie region.

CILFA (Centre International de Langue Française d’Annecy)
Annecy is a medium-sized city surrounded by mountains and renowned for the pure waters of its glacier lake. It is the ideal location to combine study with tourism. In the afternoon or on weekends, students can water ski or sail on the lake, indulge in the joys of skiing, hiking, climbing, or paragliding, and discover a region that offers a very rich cultural heritage. CILFA welcomes students from all nationalities and at all levels.

There are a maximum of twelve students per class. Some courses are combined with outside activities to discover the surroundings and practice French in another way. CILFA also offers some courses for teachers of French as a foreign language and is an examination center for DELF and DALF exams.

South of France

Centre Méditerranéen d’Études Françaises
A nonprofit organization designed to complement the public education system, the Centre Méditerranéen d’Études Françaises was founded in 1952.

Its idyllic setting, a beautiful wooded and floral park nestling on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean, along with its antique-style amphitheater, designed and decorated by the famous poet Jean Cocteau between 1957 and 1963 and now used for artistic summer programs, create a unique atmosphere.

The center is located less than a mile from the border of the Principality of Monaco, ten miles from Nice and twelve miles from the Italian border.

The campus has three accommodation units, a cafeteria, several classrooms, and a reception area that make the center a refreshing and stimulating place to live and work.

Since its founding, almost 250,000 students from all over the world have attended its courses in French language and civilization, and it has been awarded the “Qualité FLE” (Quality in French as a Foreign Language) label.

In the morning, classes are given by an experienced teaching staff. In the afternoon, a range of sporting and cultural activities are offered to the students all around the French Riviera. In the evening, entertainment is organized by dynamic team leaders.


Centre Caribéen de Langues
Situated in Sainte Anne, Guadeloupe (French West Indies), the Centre Caribéen de Langues welcomes you to a paradisiacal place to study while being on vacation.

Guadeloupe is a Caribbean island with a population of 400,000. It has been a French possession since 1635. The island of Saint Martin is shared with the Netherlands; its southern portion is named Sint Maarten and is part of the Netherlands Antilles and its northern portion is named Saint-Martin and is part of Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe is an integral part of France, as are the other French overseas departments (DOMs), so it is part of the European Union and its currency is the euro. Its official language is French, although many of its inhabitants also speak Antillean Creole.

Specializing in French as a foreign language, the CCL offers customized courses and quality accommodation to suit all requirements, be they to study with family or to improve French in a specific professional field. Small group courses are also available.

The Centre offers various packages to learn French, including small groups, one to one, and family courses. They also offer French for technical and professional use and a French and surf program.