Global Language Conference in Vadodara, India

The Bhasha Research and Publication Centre (BRPC) will be holding a two-day conference starting from today for global languages in Vadodara, India. There will be representatives from approximately 900 different languages from around the world. The event, titled “Bhasha Vasudha,” will include delegates from 23 countries.

The BRPC was formed in 1996 as a voluntary organization to promote the study and conservation of tribal languages. In Sanskrist, the word “Bhasha” has double meaning; it means speech and language, but also marginalized communities. Along with including other countries, linguists and language experts from India are to participate in the conference.

“The countries, which are going to participate inlcude, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, the UK and the USA, among others,” said BRPC founder Dr Ganesh Devi in an interview with IBN Live. “The event is unprecedented, as never before and nowhere else, representatives of nearly 900 languages had come together on the same platform.”

The event is also a platform for the BRPC to release recent publications. One of the publications includes a 13 volume nation-wide linguistic survey of India. The People’s Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI) covers 375 Indian Languages from 12 states.

To find out more about the Bhasha Vasudha conference, visit the original article from IBN Live here.