Iran Launches Spanish-Language Channel

HispanTV, a Spanish-language television channel, went on the air on December 21st. The channel offers news, entertainment and educational programming to Spanish-speaking America, Spain and Spanish-speakers all over the world.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) celebrated the inauguration of HispanTV. In a speech, IRIB’s Mohammad Sarafraz explained that HispanTV will be a trustworthy bridge between the Middle East and Latin America without any mediation from U.S. news media.

“There are many Spanish language TV channels, which are not independent and are only serving the interests of the U.S. and certain allies,” Sarafraz said. “These channels are good at hiding the truth and distorting the facts, especially when it comes to Iran, the Middle East and the Muslim world.”

HispanTV is the first Spansish language channel in Iran, adding to an Arabic language channel, Al-Alam and the English language PressTV. These channels aim to foster cultural exchange with Iran and other countries through television.

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