Teachers-Spanish, Music, Education Professions Pathway, Social Studies, PE/Health, Art, Family Services Specialist, Tutors, Substitute Tutors, Substitute Teachers, Gateway Computer Science Instructor, Gateway to Technology Instructor, Family & Consumer Science Instructor and Entrepreneurship Instructor

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    Akron Public Schools’ District Focus is to be the #1 urban school system in the United States. Our mission is to prepare each child for success. APS graduates will be prepared for life, independent, lifelong learners, dependable, caring, responsible, innovators, achievers, critical thinkers, problem solvers and leaders. While focusing on rigorous teaching & learning, safe learning centers and public engagement, our hope is that this will result in academically well-rounded students with a 21st century skill set, 93% or higher graduation rate, meeting admissions criteria for college with work-ready skills and students that are informed and engaged citizens.

    Medical, Dental and Vision Plans, Group Term Life Insurance Benefits, Flexible Voluntary Benefit Programs, Paladina Health Primary Care Services, Employee Wellness Program, Flexible Spending Account, Dependent Care Savings Account, LifeLock Identity Theft Protection