July 2020 Inside the Issue

Stephen Krashen’s Seven Tips for Teaching Language During COVID-19

Brian Soika asks the groundbreaking linguist and educational activist for advice

Race and Language Teaching

Sheri Spaine Long shares her personal reflections

The Wonderful World of Word

Beth Lawrence suggests five strategies to drive vocabulary development

Pass the Mic Series Dismantling Racism: Working from the Inside Out

Ayanna Cooper provides resources that support anti-racism, equity, and access in the U.S.

What the Bilingual Movement Needs Now

Trey Calvin shares Peter Roos’s reflections on 40 years of battling for educational equity

French Is Back!

Kathy Stein-Smith rejoices in the resurgence of French language and francophone culture in the U.S.

The Language of Lockdown

Julia Phelan Sylla recognizes the importance of teacher councils during the age of COVID-19

A Life and Love of Languages

Lorena McElwain, the U.S. Department of Education’s latest head of English language acquisition, shares her vision for the new role and life

World Language Expertise

Make the most of the lockdown by honing your professional skills with an online program