July 2023 Inside the Issue

Pushing for Latino Student and Teacher Success

Amalia Chamorro explains what civil rights advocacy for Latino and multilingual students looks like

Weaving Feeling into Learning

Lisa O’Masta suggests four ways to ensure positive learning outcomes in the classroom

French Surroundings

Kathy Stein Smith reveals how French permeates societies in the US and around the world

Allez Canada!

Canada makes the perfect French immersion destination with its vibrant cities and stunning natural beauty, plus its proximity for American students

The Tomboy Hypothesis

Nooshan Ashtari examines the evolution of gender, language use, and the output filter

Pass the Mic: Making (Language) Data CUTE: Comprehensible, Usable, Timely, and Empowering Part I

Ayanna Cooper explains how we need the right data as a tool for equitable instruction

Embracing Change

Sarah B. Ottow recommends leading by example when welcoming newcomers to your school community

Access from All Sides

Nic McMahon explains how to design an access plan that makes equity, not just access, the goal