June 2020 Inside the Issue

From Watering Down to Challenging: Breaking Down the Wall, One Essential Shift at a Time

Tonya Ward Singer, Diane Staehr Fennerin conversation with Dan Alpert

The Yoga of Collaboration

Jon Nordmeyer and Andrea Honigsfeld stretch your concepts of coteaching

Taking English Learning Online

Armando T. Zúñiga shares strategies that encourage effective instruction for English language learners in remote-learning environments

Tips for Virtual Teaching and Remote Learnin

Lenovo’s Rich Henderson shares recommendations for successful socially distant education

Parental Guidance Require

Vlada Lotkina gives teachers tips on helping parents adjust to remote learning

ISTE Playground

With in-person exhibitions off the calendar for the moment, play along with this 2D guide to the year’s premier educational technology showcase

Sustaining Community

Julia Phelan Sylla recognizes the importance of teacher councils during the age of COVID-19

Reflections in the Wate

Christine D’Aquanni recounts lessons from Mexico’s Proyecto 50/50

Mastering Educational Technology

Language Magazine presents a selection of online programs to take mastery of EdTech to another level