June 2021 Inside the Issue

Creating Contentment
Jamila Lyiscott, Nicole Mirra, and Antero Garcia recommend building students’ social-emotional skills through Critical Media Literacy and Popular Culture

Balancing in Sync
Annette Deming finds success in differentiated instruction in a synchronous and asynchronous virtual classroom

Community Connections
Lucía Osa-Melero has been connecting university students to the Latino community in an unexpected way

Shackles by Any Name…
Bremen de Haan and Darlyne de Haan see Juneteenth as an opportunity to address the societal legacy of slavery in the U.S. and the consequent educational inequalities

Imagining Schools Beyond Crises
Margarita Calderón sees the opportunity now for schools to adopt a whole-school commitment to multilingual learner development

Using Standards as an Advocacy Framework
Dr. Ruslana A. Westerlund connects the Big Ideas of Equity, Collaboration, Content and Language Integration, as well as a Functional Approach to Language

Predicting Reading Ability Among Ten-Year Olds
Christy Lao, Sy-ying Lee, Jeff McQuillan, and Stephen Krashen assess the effects of poverty (negative), school libraries (positive), instruction (zero), and early literacy (zero)

Transforming Reading Instruction
Kelly McGrath responds to questions on the release of Reading Mastery Transformations