March 2021 Inside the Issue

Celebrating Multilingual Learner Identity through Personal Narrative Instruction
Kate Kinsella shares a process and resources to implement a personal narrative unit that honors diversity while building communicative competence

All Englishes Matter
In this month’s installment of Pass the Mic, edited by Ayanna Cooper, Mary Romney explains
the need for inclusive listening materials

Translanguaging as a Transformative Force in Literacy
Cecilia M. Espinosa and Laura Ascenzi-Moreno recognize the strength of multilingual expression

Leading by Example
Follow in the footsteps of Dr. Jill Biden and qualify in educational leadership through these programs

Competition Launches Magical Stories and Virtual Reality Immersion
FabuLingua secures spot as the 2021 LaunchPad winner

Preventing the Habits That Sink Successful Language Acquisition
Patti West-Smith suggests ways to connect with students from a distance

Special Children, Special Care
Charles Xiaoxue Wang, Doug Carothers, and Steven Bianco offer tips for K–12 teachers during and beyond the pandemic

In Celebration of French
Kathy Stein-Smith offers strategies, possibilities, and challenges for French and francophone culture in a post-COVID world