March 2022 Inside the Issue

The Metaverse and Language Education

Andrew Warner advises that we should learn from early attempts to gamify learning

Rebound: Turning Our Attention to Acceleration

Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey refocus on student engagement

Creating a Supportive SEL Forum for English Learner Lesson Contributions

Kate Kinsella provides instructional scaffolds for educators launching lessons with SEL prompts in linguistically and culturally diverse classrooms

What We Say and How We Say It

Lisa Dewey Wells recommends using positive teacher language to support student growth

How My Midwestern Neighborhood Became ‘Mi Barrio’

Lucía Osa-Melero shares her battle for bilingualism in Pittsburgh

Seeing Themselves in the Story

Ayanna Cooper asks Chanda Austin about the importance of diverse representation in children’s literature

Qualifications Are Key

Now is the time to develop your skills with programs designed specifically to help you teach multilingual learners