May 19 Inside the Issue

Alaska’s First and Second Daniel Ward asks Brandon Locke and Victor Santos to discuss how Anchorage School District is leading the revitalization of the U.S.’ second-most widely spoken native language, Yup’ik, through an innovative dual-language program

Getting Social in the Classroom Jennifer Parker offers suggestions to help you co-create with social media so that everyone has a voice

Conquering U.S. Admission Exams Philip Bates shares how international students can effectively prepare for the SAT and ACT

Keeping That Summer High Language Magazine offers a brief guide to North American high schools and related summer programs for international students

¡Qué Rico! Costa Rica packs a multitude of experiences for the Spanish immersion student into a small, friendly, happy country

Quality, Not Quantity Andy Kaufman urges U.S. schools to recognize and credit Costa Rican immersion schools

Costa Rican Spanish Like most places, Costa Rica has its own unique words, phrases, and uses of language, so even fluent Spanish speakers can learn something new