May 2021 Inside the Issue

Beyond Crises: Imagining Families and Communities
Debbie Zacarian focuses on identifying, cultivating, and building on students’ existing and developing assets

Reading under Lockdown
Gene Kerns reviews the largest annual study of K–12 reading habits, which featured some good news in digital reading, student comprehension, and the complexity of texts chosen

Taking Teaching beyond the Classroom
Sara Davila explains how immersive virtual reality builds learner communication, collaboration, and confidence

Debating the Digital Divid
Loretta Brady engages us in a a surprising debate on digital equity

Creating a Culturally Responsive Teaching Ecosystem
Maya Goodall and Kristie Shelley offer three course-correcting steps that administrators and teachers can start using now to get on the path to more effective culturally responsive teaching

To help prospective teachers select the training programs that best suit them, Language Magazine is publishing brief descriptions of TESOL/TEFL certificate programs

How Bilingual?
Judson Hart provides a guide to conducting interview-style assessments for students who don’t fit the mold

Financing Feeling
Committee for Children shares current federal funding opportunities for SEL

A Multilingual Response to the Pandemic
Veronica Ryan believes the provision of on-demand resources improves student mental health

“Who You Be?”: Welcoming in the Language of Critical Love
Shekema S. Dunlap, Millicent Carmouche, and Natasha Thornton share the power of being in African American language

Innovative English Immersion
Cheryl Delk-Le Good reviews the effect of the pandemic on intensive English programs in the U.S.

A Destination of Choice in Unprecedented Times
Bonnie McKie describes how Canadian public schools have recruited international students during the pandemic

Fostering International Education
Daisy Barrios and Paolo Woodard explain how a California boarding school cared for its international students during the lockdown