Mexican Revival

Students describe why learning Spanish in Mexico should be on your agenda

According to the Institute of International Education’s annual report, the 2015 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, the number of U.S. students going to Mexico rose nearly 10% in 2014, making it one of the fastest-growing educational destinations. Students explain why:

Cemanahuac Educational Community—Cuernavaca, Morelos
“I had the opportunity to study at Cemanahuac last summer. I fell in love with Mexico, its culture, and its people. I was blessed beyond means for the opportunity to expand my knowledge of Spanish to live with an amazing and welcoming host family. The best part of the trip was the relationships made with an intelligent, accepting, and kind group of teachers as we explored the cities close by and experienced the food and the people. I now know the importance of language immersion in fully learning and understanding a language and its culture firsthand.” — Lora Rice, West Virginia, USA

Escuela Falcon—Guanajuato
“Aside from it being centrally located, I love that you can choose your classes weekly: from conversation, politics, music, cooking, art, history, grammar, and more. Your chosen varied class schedules and the daily activities they offer allow for a richer overall experience of learning and of the city. Teachers are professional and adjust to your needs. The administration staff is incredible—they are your go-to for any help and questions. Escuela Falcon is exceptional and very family-like. They do sincerely care about your learning of Spanish and your enjoyment of the program.” — Karen Yee, USA

Instituto Chac Mool—Tulum or Cuernavaca
“My daughter Lily was in first grade when we spent our first summer at Instituto Chac Mool—total immersion instruction with a host family that didn’t speak English in a small town with very few tourists. The first few days were overwhelming, but by the end of the first week, Lily was giving cabs directions and negotiating prices at the market. We took home so much more than Spanish. Outdoor classes in the garden by the pool, a friendly host family, and local excursions to climb ancient pyramids—we fell in love with Cuernavaca, the ‘land of the eternal spring,’ and returned for two more years. Mexican culture, food, and friends remain in our hearts.” — Phaedra Hise, Virginia, USA

Cuernavaca Language School (CLS)—Cuernavaca, Morelos
“When I thought of an immersion school, I always considered it to be immersion into a language and culture. CLS takes that to a whole new level. My wife and I have gotten to experience the culture of family life and what it means to live in Mexico. The staff are a cluster of families that are committed to language acquisition. This next summer will make ten years of returning to CLS, and we don’t plan to stop. So, whether you are needing a boost or a beginning in your language acquisition, we’ll see you there. And yes, when they ask, I can say ‘Hablo español.’” — Jim Brown, Arkansas, USA

Fenix Language Institute—Zacatecas
“Studying at Fenix Language Institute in Zacatecas, Mexico, enabled me to really be immersed within the Mexican culture. Zacatecas is the perfect location to learn Spanish because it is not a tourist area. It is the perfect environment to learn Spanish because one must use one’s Spanish skills to communicate on a daily basis. The teaching methods used by the instructors at Fenix enabled me to increase my ability to speak and write in Spanish. Studying at Fenix proved to be a great decision, because now I have the opportunity to continue learning Spanish through their virtual classroom lessons.” — Andrea Ashley, USA

Anders Languages—Cuernavaca, Morelos or Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
“I chose Anders Languages specifically because of their ability to customize programs for individuals, as well as the affordability of their customized programs. Their instructors are smart and fun, and most of all they are experienced instructors that know how to work with a multiplicity of personalities, backgrounds, ages, and life stages in order to help you reach your goal. Lastly, the residence itself offers incredible food (mindful of special dietary needs), a caring staff, and comfortable, safe private lodging. Anders Languages has been instrumental in my language acquisition. I highly recommend the program.”
— Elizabeth Aucamp

Instituto Mexico Americano de Cultura (IMAC)—Guadalajara, Jalisco
“I highly recommend IMAC for anyone looking for Spanish immersion. I compared over 20 different programs in three different countries before choosing IMAC, and I was very happy with my decision. I was looking for a robust curriculum, flexible options, a reasonable price, and cultural immersion, and I got all four at IMAC. The school has fixed curriculums that teach in one-week packages. The price was among the lowest of all of the programs I looked at. IMAC arranged a Mexican host family for me, which was the highlight of my exchange. I’ll never forget traveling with them and celebrating their birthdays and life milestones.”
— Andrew Towne

ASLI—Spanish Language Institute—Cuernavaca, Morelos
“Based on the fantastic review I read about this school, the last thing I expected was that it would exceed my expectations—but it did! Paco and Maru, the proprietors, are both very professional. Hardly have I seen any business—let alone a language school—act in such a professional way. The teaching excursions were superb. I was at the school for four weeks, and this was a perfect amount of time. The people in Mexico are generally very friendly and warm. As for outings, be sure to go to Xochicalco, Vista Hermosa, Taxco, and Teotihuacan. Cooking and salsa classes were an excellent complement.”
— John Stern