Norwegian Language Camp to be Launched

The Norwegian Ridge Language Camp is planning to open in Spring Grove, Minnesota for children between the ages of 4 to 15 at the Giants of the Earth Heritage Center. Students will have the opportunity to learn Norwegian and traditions through language immersion activities.

The camp will take place in June and features a variety of sessions. Students will be able to take part in cooking classes, where they will learn Norwegian recipes and how to make products such as goat cheese. There will also be craft classes in trades like rosemaling, rune writing, or candle making. Lastly, to get students energized, Norwegian folk dances and songs will be presented. The organizers of the camp hope that students will be able to reflect on their experiences in journals.

“A high-quality camp like this where the children are immersed in another language and culture helps them to expand their understanding of another culture as well as opens their minds to the larger world that they live in,” explained Giant’s president Karen Gray, one of the organizers of the camp, in an interview with the Spring Grove Herald.

Those not originally from Spring Grove, Minnesota will be allowed to participate as well. Students from outside the area will be assigned host families where they can practice their Norwegian. There will also be opportunities to learn about the region with excursions like Gå På Tur nature walk and a Midsømmer bonfire

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