November 2021 Internet Edition

Backward Design
Chris Lemon describes how students can benefit from teaching to the test

Multilingual Experiences for All Students
Alesha Moreno-Ramirez
, director of the Multilingual Support Division at the California Department of Education, speaks to Language Magazine

Educator Confidence
Francie Alexander
discusses how technology, SEL, and parental involvement can improve teaching

I Am My Language
M. Beatriz Arias
sets the path for an asset-based pedagogy for English learners

Pass the Mic Series: Reclaiming Wôpanâak Language
Ayanna Cooper
celebrates Native American Heritage Month with a vision of linguistic decolonization

Thinking Out of the Book
Jerry L. Parker
emphasizes the importance of critically evaluating culture in world language textbooks

Multilingualism in the Global Village
Kathleen Stein-Smith
bridges the foreign language deficit through immersion, online learning, and learning beyond the classroom

California’s Commitment: Literacy, Biliteracy, and Libraries
Stephen Krashen
comments on ‘California Commits to Literacy and Bets on Biliteracy’ (Language Magazine, October 2021)

Getting Direction from Your Phone
Kaitlyn M. Tagarelli
explains how to build a world language curriculum using a mobile app

Making the Most of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
The Department of Education announces measures to help address the teacher shortage