October 2021 Inside the Issue

Pass the Mic Series: Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month
Ayanna Cooper spends time with Sonia Nieto

Creating Welcoming Classrooms
Katie Shea explores strategies to optimize opportunities for multilingual learners

Is Accent in the Mind of the Listener?
Stephen Krashen and Nooshan Ashtari discuss how perception can affect comprehension

Responding to COVID by Training Effective Early Childhood Educators
Anya Hurwitz shares the long-term benefits resulting from professional development programs for educators in multilingual preschool classrooms

Teacher, Influencer, Developer
Jason Carroll explains how teachers are using their classroom experiences to develop edtech tools

How Can Drama Improve Language Learning?
Sean Hughes sets the stage for introducing acting into class

The Universal Implications of Science of Reading
David Burns stresses the commonality of learning to read across languages

Leadership for ESL Teacher Recruitment and Retention
Kristin Grayson outlines strategies to confront teacher shortages

Success from the Student Perspective
Aimee Davis and Brenda Gilio present a qualitative study of student perceptions of what really worked on their EL program

Inspiring Language Learners through Competition
Sheri Spaine Long explains how the U.S.’s largest academic contest incentivizes Spanish students year after year