October 2022 Inside the Issue

The Case for Acquired Phonics

Stephen Krashen and Jeff McQuillan propose that the distinction between learning and acquisition applies to phonics

Identifying Equitable Intervention

Essie Sutton offers a framework to help ensure appropriate supports for struggling multilingual learners

Using Artificial Intelligence to Support Emergent Bilingual Students in the Classroom

Maya Goodall explains how educators can maximize the benefits of AI for their students

All Students Deserve a Bilingual Education

Doris Chávez-Linville and Carol Johnson simplify the bilingual argument and suggest what’s needed to make bilingual education more widely available

Portuguese Focus

Why Learn Portuguese; Scholarships and Grants to Study Portuguese; National Teach Portuguese Week

Pass The Mic: Revolutionizing Language Acquisition Programs through Leadership Coaching

Ayanna Cooper interviews Rachelle Nelson about her role coaching school leaders who serve multilingual learners

Winning Home Games

Selena Cabral, Gina Garza-Reyna, and Dulce I. Niño introduce five easy games and activities that help raise a bilingual child

Making Learning Fun Matters

Randi Economou says the key to inspiring and improving learning is making sure students and teachers are engaged and enjoying what they’re doing

The Science of the Bilingual Reading Brain and the Great Oracy Debate

Alexandra Guilamo stresses the importance of purposeful oracy

Supporting Our Youngest Dual Language Learners

Nicole Hsu offers takeaways from California’s DLL Pilot Study on culturally and linguistically effective teaching strategies, family engagement strategies, and professional development opportunities

Survey Reveals Barriers to Tackling Teacher Shortage

Stress, pay, politics, dissatisfaction undermine California educators, especially those of color