October 2023 Inside the Issue

Building Interpreter and Translator Networks
Debbie Zacarian and Jennifer Love lay out the basis for transforming schools to welcome and include multilingual learners and their guardians

The Pros of Reading Fluency
Megan Jensen explains why prosody is important and how to build it

The North Star of Leadership
Sonia W. Soltero provides the foundational direction to design and implement effective and sustainable dual language programs

The Future of Learning
Sara Davila uses lessons from AI’s past to shape future institutional success

Pass the Mic: Making (Language) Data Comprehensible, Usable, Timely, and Empowering— Part II Let’s Walk Through
Ayanna Cooper gets excited about the data… and what it can help us achieve

Assessing Multilingual Learners’ Multiliteracies
Mikyung Kim Wolf, Lorraine Sova, and Alexis A. López offer a socioculturally responsive approach

Unlocking the Vietnamese Language: A Student’s Perspective in Saigon
Leanna Robinson espouses the benefits of language learning at an immersion school in Vietnam’s greatest metropolis