Plateros Spanish School


The school is centrally located in the heart of historic Guanajuato. Within minutes, you will find cultural, historical, tourist, and commercial activities.

Our program, primarily focuses on the area of communicative competence, and has been specifically designed to support students and to eliminate the barriers involved in learning the Spanish language. We strive to help students feel comfortable in their surroundings. For that reason, our objective is that on the very first day you will learn to communicate in everyday situations.

Spanish Programs and Rates

Group lessons

Part Time 15 / 3 daily classes

Intensive 20 / 4 daily classes
Intensive 25 / 5 daily classes

Group lessons + Private tuition

Intensive 20 PLUS (15+5) / 4 daily classes
Intensive 25 PLUS (15+10) / 5 daily classes

Intensive 30 PLUS (20+10) / 6 daily classes
Intensive 35 PLUS (20+15) / 7 daily classes

Super Intensive 30 PLUS (25 + 5) / 6 daily classes

Mini Group – Immersion Programs
Private Tuition + Group lessons

Immersion 30 (15 + 15) / 6 daily classes
Immersion 35 (20 + 15) / 7 daily classes

Immersion PLUS Programs
Private Tuition + Lunch with tutor

Immersion 25 PLUS / 5 daily classes
Immersion 30 PLUS / 6 daily classes
Immersion 35 PLUS / 7 daily classes
Immersion 40 PLUS / 8 daily classes

Mini Group – Special Programs

Spanish Review
Spanish for Travelers
Seniors Program and FUN
Children’s Program
Teen Spanish Program
Spanish, Culture and Travel Program

Preparation course of Spanish language examination (DELE)
Spanish for Business and Political aspects of México
Refresher course for Spanish teachers
Spanish for Medical Vocabulary
Spanish, Folk Art, Culture and Architecture of Mexico
Spanish for Legal Program

Sun and Culture program (Guanajuato and Puerto Vallarta)
Spanish and Adventure
Spanish and Salsa
Spanish and Cooking class