Pueblo Español

This language immersion program is for anyone who wants to greatly increase their Spanish listening and communication skills as well as improve their self-confidence and pace when speaking.

You may need to advance your Spanish for a new job, for your current job, or you may simply be learning so that you can communicate with more people when you travel. Whatever your motive is, this is the most intensive course you will find!

Business professionals You will gain experience from the role-plays we prepare related to common work situations including presentations, telephone sessions, and conference calls.

Spanish enthusiasts  You will not only benefit from the above-mentioned activities, but you will enjoy the fun & social aspect of activities such as acting in small theatre productions, participating in local excursions, and the freedom to speak about any topic that takes your fancy during your face to face sessions with your smiling, patient and knowledgeable native speaker partners. 

High school and University students who are looking for a Spanish study abroad experience. Mastering Spanish will not only broaden your horizons but also add value to your career prospects! We have separate immersion programs just for teens-click here for a description.

Spanish language teachers We have a special separate program just for you to help you in your development as a Spanish language educator. You’ll be able to pick up on fun ideas from group activities, give a simulated class lesson and hone in on the nuances in Spanish to help you coach your students in becoming more confident in speaking.

The nature of OUR program is all about conversation, designed to depart from book study and grammar lessons and to instead actively use Spanish in a variety of contexts. Participants will be exposed to a full spectrum of the language, a variety of accents and will get over any intimidation about speaking.

Our immersion program has been described as “intense,” “amazing,” “inspiring,” “stimulating,” “eye-opening,” and “magical” just to pick a few of the words we hear at the end of a program.

Pueblo Español is all about full Spanish immersion, which means, due to the number of hours of listening and speaking per day the mental focus can be intense! However, it will also be fun and rewarding. If you are looking for a casual program with just a few hours of language practice per day and a lot of free time, this may not be the course for you. If you are a true beginner with no Spanish, this is also not the course for you as this kind of immersion works best (and has the most impressive results) when you start with enough Spanish to communicate on a basic level and therefore are at a great place to start accruing more vocabulary, correcting mistakes, and becoming more confident and fluid in your speaking. 

We recommend a ‘can do’ attitude and a resolve for getting as much out of the program as possible. If you put in the time, you WILL see the results. And you’ll enjoy chatting with people from all around the world (and Spain), being immersed in beautiful places and eating great Spanish food while doing so.

If you’re not sure of your Spanish level we can schedule a level test with you, just send us an email.

If you’re ready to jump in with both feet and give 100% effort towards speaking more Spanish- Pueblo Espanol is for you!