Qualifications Are Key

Now is the time to develop your skills with programs designed specifically to help you teach multilingual learners

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Format: Online
Length: About two years, part time
Credit hours: 30–36 for each degree

UAB’s EdS-TESOL prepares education specialists at the post-MA level. Its MAEd-ESL is nationally recognized by CAEP-TESOL and has tracks for teaching children and adults, locally and abroad. Also available is a teaching multilingual learners graduate certificate. Passionate faculty guide students through virtual communities of inquiry. UAB online courses have accessible tuition.

American TESOL
TESOL In-Class Certification
Format: Hybrid 40 hours in class, 80 online, total 120

American TESOL in-class programs include online TESOL Advanced Certification, plus five days (40 hours) of hands-on training, where students participate in lectures, practice teaching presentations, and learn about teaching English abroad. 

American University
MA TESOL; BA/MA TESOL; graduate certificate in TESOL; undergraduate certificate in TESOL; TESOL minor
Format: Campus
Length: One to two years
Credit hours: MA: 36; certificates: 15; minor: 24

Specializations: AU’s TESOL programs will prepare students to begin or advance careers in the US or abroad. The curriculum blends learner-centered instructional design, linguistics, second-language acquisition research, assessment, technology, and intercultural competence with ongoing practicum experiences. At AU, they put research-based principles into practice to create global TESOL leaders.

Arizona State University
Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MTESOL)
Format: On Campus and Online
Length: 2-3 Semesters
Credit hours: 30

The master’s in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is designed for a career in the international field of English language teaching. Students will develop knowledge and professional skills in four areas: language, second/foreign language learning, research methods, and pedagogy. An undergraduate TESOL certificate is also available.

Azusa Pacific University
MA in TESOL, certificate in TESOL, and TEFL certificate
Format: The MA and both certificates are each offered in three formats: online, in person on the Azusa campus, and field-based (hybrid), which combines intensive in-person classes with online coursework
Length: MA, 1 ½ years; TESOL certificate, 1 ½ semesters; TEFL certificate, one semester
Credit hours: MA, 33 semester units; TESOL certificate, 18 units; TEFL certificate, six units

Two elective courses allow freedom to select an area of interest. Language Learning through Technology helps prepare online students for the future in the changing world of education. Christianity and Critical Perspectives explores various perspectives on the history and future of the intersection of faith and English language teaching.

University of Central Missouri
MSc in Education (MSE) in English language learners (ELL)
Format: K–12 option: Online
TESL option: Online/campus/hybrid
Length: K–12 option: Part time, five semesters
TESL option: Full time, three to four semesters, or part time
Credit hours: 30 credit hours

The K–12 option will enhance your knowledge and skills as a K–12 teacher to effectively serve the growing population of ELLs in US schools. The K–12 option also offers the Missouri ELL certification endorsement courses.
The TESL option will prepare you to be an effective and skilled teacher for ESOL to contribute to the education of English learners outside of the US and/or at the college level.

University of Cincinnati Online

MEd in literacy and second-language studies; pre-K–12 TESOL MEd and international/adult TESL focus MEd 
Format: Online
Length: The MEd program can be completed in 24 months and the endorsement graduate certificates can be completed in twelve to 18 months
Credit Hours: 30 and 15

Specializations: Master of Education in literacy and second-language studies program with concentrations in TESOL/TESL. TESOL endorsement graduate certificate and pre-K–12 reading instruction endorsement graduate certificates. These programs provide a focus on pre-K–12 and adult learners around the world. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree is eligible for them.

George Mason University
ESOL/TESOL concentrations at George Mason University
Format: All 100% online
Length: One to two years
Credit hours: 15–36 (dependent on concentration)

Specializations: Master’s and certificate concentrations in ESOL/TESOL education at George Mason University for both new teachers and practicing educators. Learn from faculty experts and engage in research-based practices and pedagogies. GMU offers programs that focus on both pre-K–12 education and adult learners. Prepare for Virginia licensure or earn an add-on endorsement.

Gonzaga University
MA in teaching English to speakers of other languages
Format: On-campus
Length: Typically two years
Credit hours: 36 credits

Gonzaga University’s TESOL program provides a foundation for teaching that leads to the application of knowledge and skills through hands-on coursework. Gonzaga prepares students for careers as teachers or language specialists who help students develop skills for diverse and global communities.

Idaho State University
Graduate certificate in TESOL
Format: Online and on campus
Length: One and a half to two years
Credit hours: Twelve

This graduate certificate in TESOL program links theory with practice and provides teachers with an understanding of the theories, methodologies, resources, and strategies used in effective ESL/EFL classrooms. Courses in the TESOL program are regularly offered at night in order to serve the needs of teachers working in the community.

Kennesaw State University
Program Title: Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) TESOL
Format: Online
Length: Four to seven semesters (one to two years)
Credit hours: 39

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree but no education background or teacher certification is eligible for KSU’s MAT TESOL degree program. It leads to pre-K–12 initial teaching certification to teach culturally and linguistically diverse students in Georgia and in many US states that have reciprocity with GA.

Long Island University
MS.Ed. in TESOL: 37 credits, online
MS.Ed. in Childhood and TESOL – Dual Degree: 46 credits, online
Advanced Certificate in TESOL: 16 credits, online

Focus on Culturally-Responsive Sustaining Education
Specialization in Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE)
Online pedagogy using the Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach (SOFLA®)

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
Master’s Degree and Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
Format: Both the master’s degree and the certificate can be taken completely on campus, completely online or as a combination of on campus and online courses.
Length: 2-5 semesters; varies by specialization
Credit hours: Certificate: 12 credits; Master’s: 36-51 credits (varies by specialization)

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in TESOL (12 credits), General MA TESOL (36 credits), MA TESOL with Thesis (39 credits), MA TESOL with P-12 Certification (42 credits), TESOL with Thesis and P-12 Certification (51 credits)

Middlebury Institute of International Studies
MA in TESOL and MA in teaching foreign language
Format: Online or in person (Monterey, CA)
Length: Twelve to 24 months
Credits: 40

Launch a career as a leader in language education. Middlebury master’s programs give valuable professional experience while students earn their degrees. Students will be prepared not only to teach but to train other language teachers, conduct research, develop curricula, and manage language programs.

Moody Theological Seminary
BA, graduate certificate, MA, Master of Divinity in TESOL
Format: Online/campus/hybrid in Chicago, Illinois; Plymouth, Michigan; online
Length: Varies by program; one to five years
Credit hours: Bachelor of Arts, 120 credits. Graduate certificate, 24 credits. Master of Arts, 48 credits. Master of Divinity, 87 credits.

Earn a TESOL degree from Moody Theological Seminary and become qualified to teach English anywhere in the world. Students also learn to think critically and develop their teaching skills from top-notch instructors while receiving a practical, affordable, and ministry-based education. Study in downtown Chicago, in Plymouth, Michigan, or entirely online.

Murray State University
MA in teaching English to speakers of other languages
Format: Online/campus/hybrid.
Length: Length of program is contingent on student’s level of commitment; full time or part time
Credit hours: 30

The MATESOL at Murray State University offers focused instruction on theoretical and pedagogical foundations related to language development and the development of students’ abilities to design and implement effective practices, preparing for an ever-changing world, addressing cultural dynamics that face students in a variety of classroom formats.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
MEd in English language learning
Format: Campus and hybrid
Length: Two years
Credit hours: 36

The MEd in English language learning provides comprehensive educator preparation for working with emergent bilingual students in pre-K–12 contexts in the US. The coursework includes the required courses for obtaining the English Language Acquisition and Development (ELAD) endorsement (with reciprocity in most states).

University of North Dakota
Master of Education in TESOL (MEd TESOL)
Format: Online
Length: Two years
Credit hours: 32 

Specializations: UND’s TESOL master’s program consistently ranks among the best for educational quality, affordability, and career outcomes. The program is fully online. Financial aid and scholarships are available. Students can start in fall, spring, or summer. For a high-quality and nationally accredited TESOL master’s program, consider UND TESOL.

Northern Arizona University
MA in applied linguistics/TESL
Format: Campus
Length: Four semesters
Credit hours: 30

Specializations: Practical training in TESL with a strong foundation in applied linguistics and principles in corpus linguistics, phonology, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and second-language acquisition. Mentorship from internationally recognized faculty. Average student/faculty ratio of 10:1.

Pepperdine University
MA in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL)
Format: Campus
Length: Eleven months
Credit hours: 32 credits

Grounded in linguistic and social justice; technology-infused; hands-on clinical practicum; TESOL conference attendance; cohort community.

Sam Houston State University
Master of Education (MEd) in teaching English to speakers of other languages
Format: Online
Length: 30 hours
Credit hours: 30 hours

Specializations: In TESOL specialization, educators examine the linguistic and sociocultural foundations of language and literacy, identify instructional strategies and materials that promote language acquisition, evaluate assessments for ELs, engage in reflective analysis of beliefs and inquiry into diverse cultures, integrate technology to enhance the learning opportunities of ELs, and conduct research in L2 learning and teaching.

University of Rhode Island
MA TESOL/bilingual–dual language with pre-K–12 certification
Format: Asynchronous online
Length: Varies by student
Credit hours: 30

Specializations: URI’s MA TESOL/bilingual–dual language with pre-K–12 certification program is nationally accredited and designed to support in-service and preservice educators in building expertise in teaching multilingual learners in school-based settings. Educators who complete the program have the opportunity to earn either TESOL or BDL certification or both.

Westcliff University
MA in teaching English to speakers of other languages (MA TESOL)
Format: Online/on-campus
Length: Two years
Credit hours: 36

The MA TESOL concentration in educational technology (nine credit hours) prepares students to innovate their classrooms with technology for learning. The curriculum offers opportunities for building technology skills and confidence, evaluating current trends and tools, and designing content and assessments based on current learning theories in any EFL/ESL contexts.