Sacramento Rally Against Common Core

Protesters in Sacramento, CA held a rally yesterday against the introduction of Common Core standards.

Many California schools have already implemented changes and students are preparing to take tests based on the new curriculum, despite ongoing resistance across the United States.

Concerned citizens gathered for the event on the southeast side of the Captiol building yesterday, organized by groups: Democrats Against Common Core, Californians United Against Common Core and Eagle Forum of California.

Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, believes Common Core Standards must be overturned – “Lend your voice to the effort to free each school district and put the curriculum back under the control of the parents and the school board and the district instead of the government”.

Purposely scheduled just ahead of an Education Committee hearing at 1.30 pm, the rally aimed to highlight concerns towards a so-called ‘privately backed, federal takeover of the state-run education system’ – including the proposed cost of $1.6 billion.

Assembly Bill 2307 – heard at the hearing, would give local school districts the choice to opt out of the Common Core Standards set to be implemented at the start of the 2014-15 school year.

California is one of 45 states adopting the new curriculum, designed to establish and maintain nationwide education standards in all schools; and a recent poll suggested the majority of Californians are in favor.

Supporters of the standards insist the changes will encourage critical thinking and problem solving.

California State Superintendent Tom Torlakson explains “Instead of the old bubble test, we’re measuring critical thinking, problem solving, good communication skills”.