September 2023 Inside the Issue

Teaching Language to Scientific Standards
Sara Davila explains how to utilize the Next Generation Science Standards to support language learning in K–12 classrooms

Embracing Bilingual Assessment
Lillian Duran and Kajal Patel Below on unlocking the true potential of multilingual learners

Helping Solve the Teacher Vacancy Crisis in New Mexico
Marjori M. Krebs shares the success of University of New Mexico’s District Partner Teacher Residency

The Art of Writing?

Laura Fischer examines writing’s role in the Science of Reading

Beginning of the School Year: Conversations and Considerations
Ayanna Cooper recommends setting up systems and structures that include student goal setting

Proceed with Caution

Heather Shoemaker warns that ChatGPT won’t solve your real-time translation needs

Providing Mirrors and Windows for Emergent Bilinguals
Kristie Shelley and José Viana focus on the importance of producing materials with authentic characters to whom learners can truly relate

The Promise of Automated Writing Evaluation for English LearnersCorey Palermo and Joshua Wilson share their study suggesting that automated writing assessment software may promote equity

Student Goal Setting and Tiered Instruction
Sara Luciani, Bridget McKeever, Marisa Plant, and Nancy Symmes provide tips on increasing student growth in literacy