Old town of Granada seen from an arched window in the Alhambra

Up until 25 years ago, Spain’s popularity as a tourist destination among other Europeans owed much to the low cost of vacationing there. Since then, prices have increased but the world has woken up to Spain’s history, culture, gastronomy, and natural beauty thus enabling it to remain one of the world’s top tourist destinations. And recently, costs have dropped, making it much more affordable for students.

In terms of basic articles (such as food, toiletries), Spain is one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe. If the average price in Europe is 100, the cost in Spain is 88. Spain is also one of the European countries with the lowest price variation. The difference in price for the same food or toiletry product between the most expensive and the cheapest retail outlet is 19 percent. In Norway, however, the difference can be as high as 57 percent, in Sweden 47 percent, and in Italy and Portugal up to 41 percent.

Spanish bocadillo de jamon

For a university student, the comparative advantage of studying in Spain is considerable in financial terms. The average cost of tuition fees charged by universities in the U.S. ($30,000) would cover the entire cost of living in Spain for a year (a university residence in Madrid, including accommodation and meals, costs less than $1,000 per month, and average tuition fees in a private university are around $9,000).

Check out our list of featured study abroad programs in Spain below.

Escuela Delengua

Escuela Delengua is a Spanish language school situated in the heart of Granada. Home to the Alhambra palace, Granada´s cultural, culinary and artistic offerings, vibrant student population, and close proximity to both the mountains and the coast make it an unforgettable city. They offer a wide range of Spanish courses in Spain. Their qualified teachers will guide you through the Spanish language in small classes of just 2 to 8 students, and help you to become fully immersed in the culture both in and out of the classroom. You may also choose to complement the intensive course with private Spanish classes, specific Spanish classes (Spanish for tourism, business, law, medicine…) or lessons which focus on preparation for the DELE exam. Should you require accommodation in the centre of Granada during your language experience, Delengua offers rooms in shared flats or with Spanish host families. Language Magazine Assistant Editor and Creative Director, Leanna Robinson, took classes at Escuela Delengua for a month and wrote about her experiences, which can be read here.

Pueblo Español

Would you like to improve your listening and communication skills and improve your fluency, while learning about Spain and its culture in real-life context? If you are serious about advancing your Spanish speaking and comprehension skills, our 8-day Pueblo Español full immersion course will give you the results you want. All while enjoying life in a beautiful small Spanish village, Spanish culture and food, and conversing with/listening to native speakers. At Pueblo Español we gather groups of Spanish native speakers with different accents and from different regions to live, laugh and speak with you in Spanish. But it’s not a just a social thing-you will be immersed 100% in the Spanish language every hour of every day. Between many hours of one on one conversations with different Spanish partners and group activities such as practice conference calls or debates everyday (from morning until dinner) you’ll speak more Spanish than you ever thought possible. But without being put on the spot, or being force-fed certain sentences or meaningless phrases like in a classroom. With expert staff, we facilitate over 100 hours of conversation and a schedule that is carefully designed so that you are constantly being challenged to use Spanish in a variety of contexts.

Speakeasy BCN

One of Barcelona’s most reputable language schools, Speakeasy has built its success on a number of key principles. For example: at Speakeasy you’ll only find qualified native-speaking Spanish teachers, groups lessons are kept to a maximum of ten students, and in class you’ll practice the effective immersion approach (not as scary as it sounds!). Whether you’re a visitor in search of an extensive curriculum, or you’re living in Barcelona and need evening classes Speakeasy have a course suitable for you – from levels beginner to advanced. Founded in 2001, Speakeasy Language School Barcelona is committed to be the best Spanish Language school in Spain. Our international staff and Spanish teachers guarantees high quality and good service.