Speech Therapy App Helps Brain Injury Sufferers Recover Language Skills

Lingraphica: The Aphasia Company today announced the release of TalkPath Therapy for iPad and the Web– an award-winning app component of a speech-therapy solution to help adults suffering with aphasia.

The integrated-cloud based initiative has been designed to improve the language skills of adults with the inability to speak, write or comprehend language.

Features include over 4600 language exercises for reading, writing, speaking and listening, tailored to the progress of the user.

TalkPath Therapy individuals can also create profiles alongside their clinicians to further record their progress; while clinicians are able to create therapy plans, assign homework and link to patient notes stored on other platforms.

Levels of difficulty correspond to the National Outcomes Measurement System (NOMS) scale, the American Speech Language Hearing Association’s certified scale for measuring and assessing progress.

The company has researched and produced rehabilitative speech-generating devices and linguistic technology for aphasia sufferers since 1990.

The TalkPath Therapy app and was designed with guidelines from a team of speech and language pathologists, and is currently free and subscription based during its trial period. The company carried out usability tests with members of its Lingraphica Aphasia User’s Group – where all users suffer from varying degrees of speech loss due to one, or multiple strokes.

According to the company’s own research, with the continued use of TalkPath Therapy, users can recover language skills lost by brain injury.

Andrew Gomory, CEO of Lingraphica said “TalkPath Therapy is a truly mobile speech therapy solution that meets the needs of individuals with aphasia and their clinicians”

“We used our three decades of experience to transform our offerings into an even more meaningful and effective rehabilitative solution”.