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Begin from Within

Students will gain the benefits of a culturally competent teacher who is racially informed. If teachers recognize how oppression and systemic racism work and if they look through a racial lens in their work, they will understand that systemic racism impacts student lives and will start the lifelong journey to do the human work necessary to avoid perpetuating it...

Anti-Racism Resources

Placard saying" I teach Black students. I CANNOT BE SILENT"
https://www.languagemagazine.com/2020/07/14/dismantling-racism-working-from-the-inside-out/ Dismantling Racism: Working from the Inside Out Ayanna Cooper provides resources that support anti-racism, equity, and access in the U.S. The Weaponization of English Kisha C. Bryan and JPB Gerald examine coded language, position statements, and the Black Lives Matter movement in the spirit of acknowledgement and reconciliation

Questions to Ask Ourselves

Educators, WE Can’t Wait for the U.S. to Change!The global coronavirus pandemic took education systems by surprise, exacerbating the educational and economic inequities that have existed for centuries and continue to be overshadowed by what educators, sociologists, psychologists, and researchers call gaps (the “wealth gap,” the “achievement gap,” the “opportunity gap,” the “language gap,” the “gender gap,” and more),...

Congress Urged to Enact Antiracist Education Policies

Group of multi-ethnic five little kids children African American, asian and Caucasian happiness together with friend to draw colour pencil to full colour of picture in living room or class room
In light of recent demands for racial justice, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, NAACP, UnidosUS, and the National Women’s Law Center along with hundreds of other civil rights and education organizations, have written to Congress to again urge decision makers to enact antiracist education policies. Such steps are needed to support the educational success of historically...

Rethinking What Matters: Incorporating Anti-Racism into Teaching

During my conversation with the high school leaders, we discussed ways to move toward creating a school that embodies anti-racism, inclusion, and equity. In our discussion, I suggested that the teachers make a more intentional and direct effort to set learning standards around identity throughout their unit plans and instruction. While the African American students were feeling marginalized in...
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