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The Pulsera Project

The Pulsera Project "Engage your students with a free Spanish service-learning project sent straight to your school. The Pulsera Project is a nonprofit organization that partners with teachers in hundreds of schools across the U.S., sending their classes handwoven pulseras made by artists in Central America. Students learn about these artists and their daily lives through our free authentic lessons...

Partners Sought for 7000 Languages Project

Launched by Transparent Language earlier this year, the 7000 Languages Project makes the company’s technologies and methods available without charge to advocates of, and experts in, languages of little or no commercial interest. The 7000 Languages Project was designed to promote familiarity with and proficiency in all of the world's languages. Transparent Language’s president, Michael Quinlan, explains, "Much of...

Project to Research How English is Learned

Why do students from certain countries learn English more easily than students in other places? Why do the most effective strategies for teaching English to Russian and Chinese students differ greatly from those used to teach native speakers? Could a better understanding of what influences the mastery of core English skills help educators design more effective ways to teach?...
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