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Call for Sweden to Recognize Elfdalian

Magical fairytale forest. Coniferous forest covered of green moss. Mystic atmosphere.
A Swedish parliamentary representative is calling for action to preserve an extremely vulnerable language spoken in Sweden’s forested countryside: Elfdalian (älvdalska in Swedish and övdalsk in the language itself). Currently, the Swedish government only recognizes Elfdalian as a dialect of Swedish, despite the two languages sharing very little mutual intelligibility. Peter Helander, who hails from the region where Elfdalian...

Arabic Becomes Sweden’s Second Language

For over 800 years, Finnish has been Sweden's largest minority language, but, thanks to the recent influx of asylum seekers from predominantly Arab-speaking countries in the Middle East and North Africa, Arabic has now replaced Finnish, Stockholm University researcher Mikael Parkvall argued in an opinion piece published in Svenska Dagbladet. The estimated number of Arabic speakers in the Scandinavian country of 10 million is "over 200,000." According to this calculation,...
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