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HomenewsWorldAbu Dhabi Education Council Focuses on Improving Arabic Skills

Abu Dhabi Education Council Focuses on Improving Arabic Skills

An assessment project titled “Tama’an” (Observe Carefully) was recently introduced by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC). Created to give students the necessary tools for school, it will focus on promoting national identity and increasing Arabic language skills.

In terms of enhancing the Arabic reading and writing skills of students, more emphasis will be placed on reading, writing, speaking, listening, and analysis of texts. The project aims to develop the student’s utmost potential in language learning. Teachers will also be given assessment tools to improve students’ linguistic ability and to for research purposes.

According to the Khaleej Times Online, the ADEC has organized workshops, training sessions, and presentation over two days for 200 teachers in Al Tamayuz School in Al Ain and Al Afaq School in Abu Dhabi so that they may become more knowledgeable on the assessment project. Dr. Karima Al-Mazroui, the ADEC Arabic Curriculum Section Manager, noted that the new assessment tools would aid teachers to meet new standards set by the council.

The new initiative includes a number of tools. In terms of writing, teachers will be able to measure creative and general writing skills. In reading, teachers will be able to measure comprehension, textual analysis, and criticism. Lastly, teachers will be able to better measure communication skills such as speaking and listening.

To read more about the initiative, click here.

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