October 2012

    Oct 2012 Cover

    Cutting to the Common Core: Disrupting Discourse
    Kate Kinsella recommends launching an Academic Language Campaign to prepare diverse learners for the Common Core State Standards

    The Role of Early Oral Language in Literacy Development
    Timothy Shanahan and Christopher Lonigan explore the connection between early oral language development and later reading comprehension success

    Reading Literature Not Only a Pleasure
    Research proves that a good book stimulates the brain

    Software Focus on Reading
    In addition to the humble book, publishers have launched an array of reading programs designed to help readers of all types acquire the skills they need

    My Linguistic Career
    Nataly Kelly looks at full-time and freelance opportunities for world language teachers in translation and interpreting

    Top Student Cities
    Paris edges London and Boston in the first study of its kind

    Last Writes Richard Lederer emits a Mite Item on Time

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