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Opera for Educators

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March 2014

March 2014 Cover

Let Learning Emerge
Diane Larsen-Freeman applies lessons from complexity theory to language education

Empathy Starts in Schools
Juan José Vázquez-Caballero argues that it is time for world language teachers to fill the cultural deficit

Cutting to the Common Core
Changing the Playing Field

In the second installment of a two-part article, Jeff Zwiers, Susan O’Hara, and Robert Pritchard present essential shifts for teaching Common Core Standards to academic English learners

French Focus
Long before festivities kicked off for this month’s celebration of La Francophonie, French was hitting the headlines

Building Conversational Fluency
Andres Abeyta offers new solutions to the age-old problem of attaining oral fluency in a new language

Europe on a Budget
Taking a summer program in Europe is a dream that can come true with some careful planning

Last Writes
Richard Lederer outs words with contradictory meanings

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