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Second Edition of New Ways in Teaching Speaking

TESOL Press, the publishing division of TESOL International Association, recently released the much-anticipated second edition of the New Ways in Teaching Speaking. Edited by Julie Vorholt, this latest addition to the popular New Ways series includes more than 100 new activities for all proficiency levels and all ages, with an emphasis on learning how to incorporate technology tools to improve speaking skills while utilizing digital literacy skills. “These tools allow students to create podcasts, film movies, record video or audio clips, time themselves, and more — all to improve their speaking skills while utilizing their digital literacy skills,” said Vorholt.

The second edition also includes new career-focused activities that connect to work in business, law, and other highly sought-after professions, allowing students to strengthen their speaking skills for their daily lives speaking in English. Broken up into five categories, the new activities are organized by developing fluency, accuracy, and pronunciation, as well as speaking in specific contexts, such as using technology. “This book is for anyone who teaches speaking in any classroom around the world. That includes elementary teachers, middle school teachers, and high school teachers. It also includes instructors at Intensive English Programs (IEPs) and other settings,” explained Vorholt.

Books in the New Ways series, including the second edition of New Ways in Teaching Speaking, are available for purchase through the TESOL Press Bookstore in both print and ebook (PDF) formats. More information and sample chapters are also available.

Review copies can be requested from TESOL Press.

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