Appointment Scheduling Software for Accredited HEIs

10to8 is offering a 10% discount on their student scheduling software, which can manage multiple staff members from multiple departments.

The company is also offering free Zoom integration, which enables users to host video appointments of all kinds, from internal staff meetings to online classes.

Automated SMS, email and voice reminders ensure that staff and students will always have up-to-date information on their schedules. Appointment details, private notes, attached files, and all messages appear together. Users can even set up 2-way calendar sync with Outlook, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange so they don’t have to log in to 10to8 if they don’t want to.

10to8’s student engagement platform can be embedded into users’ intranet, virtual learning environment or email newsletter. Users can create separate booking pages for each faculty member or even direct students to one specific staff member via employee-specific booking details.

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