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World Readiness for a World in Conflict

Not long ago, my husband and I were in our kitchen discussing the news of escalating conflict in Gaza when he asked an unexpectedly...
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Developing K–5 Literacy

Okapi Educational Publishing provides resources for developing the literacy of K–5 students. Okapi is committed to offering products built on best-practice instruction, helping educators ignite learning and ensure students exceed standards.

Their award-winning and engaging materials give children a purpose for their reading and inspire further inquiry. With materials closely correlated to the College and Career Readiness Standards, Okapi fulfills its mission of creating real-world literacy for real-world kids with real-world results. Okapi meets diverse student needs through flexible, high-quality instructional resources, currently in use nationwide in a range of programs and a variety of instructional settings.

These resources will empower each student to take responsibility for their own literacy and language growth, producing powerful results.

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