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Paraguay Offers Korean in Schools

Starting this year, middle and high school students in Paraguay can learn Korean as a second foreign language subject, according to the Ministry of...

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February 2024 Inside the Issue

Students at the Center
Marika Iyer presents culturally sustaining and critical language practices for today’s schools

Breaking Down the Monolingual Wall
Jan Gustafson-Corea introduces a special article series based on a new publication dedicated to dual language success

Ensuring African American Students’ Access to Multilingual Learning
Conor P. Williams analyzes the barriers to achieving linguistic, racial, and ethnic diversity in dual language immersion schools

The Pace of Progress
Ayanna Cooper strives for a new normal where progress toward linguistic equity accelerates

Framing Authentic Development in Spanish
Samuel Aguirre introduces a Spanish language development standards framework for bilingual and language-learning programs

Valuing Local Forms of French
Kathy Stein-Smith sees French developing into a language for the future through all of its worldwide variations

Finding Flaw and Disorder
Samantha Torres offers strategies to help identify and address speech–language disorders in multilingual students

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